Stress Management

Package Description

Stress is an inevitable part of the modern busy routine. When you are searching for a solution to this, Ayurveda combined with yoga offers the best answer. Stress management treatments focus on the impact of the mind on body.

This package is an absolute stress reliever which controls depressive tendencies, anxiety, and other psychosomatic disorders. Therapy improves systemic circulation associated with induction of sleep and helps you attains the temperance of mind.

Internal medication combined with yoga and classical Ayurvedic treatments like Sirodhara, Thakradhara, Siroabyangam, Uzhichil, Sirovasthy, Nasyam, Sarvangadhara, Pichu, Thalam be highly beneficial for those who are physically and mentally stressed.

The 14-day Anti-stress programme or Manashanthi is designed to combat the symptoms of stress, insomnia, lack of concentration,fatigue and headaches that seems to partner today’s hectic lifestyles. The Manasanthi treatment consists of classic Ayurvedic treatments, such as Uzhichil, Sirodhara (pouring oil on the forehead) and Nasyam (excess body humours are eliminated through the nose.